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A curriculum can be effectively delivered only when it is supported by good infrastructure. The Choice School has extensive infrastructure for academic and non-academic pursuits of students. Here are some of the highlights:

The classrooms have been configured with learning in mind and they reflect the diversity of environments that students are exposed to outside a school setting. Every class from Grade 1 is equipped with SMART boards incorporating the latest electronic technology. Interactive white boards and digital boards create the most modern learning space for the students.

The Choice Atheneum has a large, carefully curated selection of books and is the epicentre of knowledge at The Choice School, Thiruvalla.The Wi Fi-enabled facility is equipped with computers and e-readers (kindles), providing information at the fingertips of our young readers. Book reviews and reading sessions are conducted regularly.

The Art Centre sparks the imagination and creativity of students producing magic with tools and colour. Diverse art forms are introduced and practiced here to inspire the artistic talents of the young students. Our experienced and talented art teachers provide individual attention. We believe in the principle that ‘Artists are not born, they are made”.

Apart from craft work, knitting and flower arrangement techniques, students are taught cooking, baking and serving protocols in Home Science. In higher grades, they are taught dining and table setting etiquette such as placement of cutlery, artistic folding of napkins and other such practical skills.

One of the alluring features of the school is its walkway. A refreshing stroll through the grand walkway of The Choice School is definitely an aesthetic feast. Traversing through the walkway makes one enjoy the natural beauty of the school’s surroundings along with the school’s mesmerizing modern architecture.

The ultra-modern Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories facilitate practical learning and integrates laboratory experiments with real life experiences. The spacious laboratories have been designed with emphasis on safety, scope for research and real-time learning to create the next-generation of thinkers and innovators.

Our hygienic, well-equipped kitchen and café facility combined with top notch culinary expertise offers students healthy, balanced meals. Utmost care is taken to ensure that no artificial ingredients or flavours are used at the Choice Café. The Choice Café serves lunch for all students. Dinner facility is offered to the boarders residing on campus.

The well-resourced Computer Lab offers top quality Intra/ Inter-net facilities that ignite cyber and networking expeditions. All the computers are equipped with updated softwares and advanced technical aids to learn programming, web designing, and app-development to hone critical and analytical skills.

Staying at the Choice Residence inside the serene campus and waking up to birds chirping away merrily is a memorable experience for every Choice boarder. The natural landscape of the campus offers a healthy life for every child.. A team of well-trained staff looks after the needs of the children giving them a ‘home away from home’

We seek to inculcate a lifelong love for sport, fitness and health by offering choice and opportunity across all abilities and all year groups. We provide our learners with international standard sporting facilities, such as, Football, basketball, cricket, badminton,Volleyball, Kho-kho, Kabadi and Athletics to mention a few. Indoor gaming facilities are also offered to ensure physical and mental coaching to all our students.

With an infirmary within the school premises, we are able to provide quick medical assistance in time. We have a well-equipped fully air conditioned medical dispensary managed by a full-time professional nursing team. In event of any injury or illness, students receive immediate medical attention. We have tied up with nearby hospitals with modern medical facilities to take care of medical emergencies.

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