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Extra-Curricular Activities

Department of Music

At The Choice Music Lab, we provide a nurturing environment for children to engage in one of the best performing arts education. Experienced educators and professional performers provide students with technical training and a number of performance opportunities. Practice sessions with various percussion/ acoustic instruments under the supervision of professional musicians is an integral part of the regular curriculum at The Choice School. The various musical ensembles and groups include:

  • Choice Kidzrock (Primary rock band)
  • Choice Swaralaya (Primary school – Indian vocal ensemble)

Zumba & Dance

At The Choice School, Thiruvalla we are very committed to our children’s health. As part of the ‘Health’ factor of our core concepts (Knowledge, Character, Health) we ensure students are provided with an invigorating and fun fitness program that are incorporated into their weekly timetable.
We offer Zumba workout sessions, designed specifically for students of Grades 1- VI, incorporating various types of exercises and dance moves.
The students of Grades VII- X have the options of choosing to be trained in Classical, Folk and Contemporary Dance styles by highly trained, experienced and professional choreographers as their Major Art.

The Visual Arts Programme

At The Choice School, the arts have always been given its due importance and is an integrated part of our curriculum. We weave art into our core classroom curriculum as well as teach specific artistic skills and abilities. We proudly display artwork by our students in the art room, including  simple drawings and little crafts they make during their learning journey.

We work to engage & support creative thinking in our children. Drawing, painting, mixed media work, designing, crafts, bottle art, frame making are a few areas we focus on.

Home Science

Home science has a role to play in everything we do in life. It involves a thorough study of nutrition, health, family, food, housekeeping, hygiene, design, entertainment, hospitality, sustainability, lifestyle etc. and teaches our students important life skills. The well-equipped Home Science Lab at The Choice School provides an opportunity for every child to get hands-on experience to develop their skills.


We seek to inculcate a lifelong love for sport, fitness and health by offering choice and opportunity across all abilities and all year groups. Sport fosters and reinforces the values that we look to nurture in each student: respectful, resilient, responsible and determined. Every student, regardless of ability, is helped to identify their strengths; encouraged and focused training is offered to pursue their sporting passions and to take part individually or to represent house or school teams.

Our campus is distinctive as it offers all the resources required to facilitate all-round development of each individual. At The Choice, sports and games curriculum is an integral and all-encompassing part of the education process. We provide our learners with international standard sporting facilities, such as, Football, basketball, cricket, badminton,Volleyball, Kho-kho, Kabadi and Athletics to mention a few. Indoor gaming facilities are also offered to ensure physical and mental coaching to all our students.

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