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Student Counselling

Every child is unique, right from the genetic construct, to likes and dislikes, life experiences from toddlerhood, relationship between their caregiver,emotional stability, behavioural pattern and so on.

We the team at the Well Being Department believe that individual differences have to be understood and emphasised, while we tailor make our relational and therapeutic approaches.

In addition to recognising individual differences, we strongly emphasis on these steps:

  1. Determine the etiology of Behaviours before we address it (identify root cause)
  2. Use a developmental Roadmap to understand the optimal times for each approach.
Our Mission:
  • To implement proactive and preventive measures to improve and nurture the Well Being of the entire school Family.
  • Effective implementation through different circumstances

Policy on Eligibility

Currently enrolled students from all grades are eligible to receive services at the WellBeing Department of the Choice School.

Families, parents and caregivers are eligible for counselling services for concerns about the student enrolled.

Teachers- the gate keeper of mental health,are eligible for counselling services at the school.

Parents and teachers are also invited to attend workshops that address different concerns and trends.

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